What is the State of Indiana's hiring process?

You’ve submitted your application. What happens next shouldn’t be a closely-guarded HR secret. We know applying for jobs can be overwhelming so we have provided a basic review of our hiring process below along with some advice that just might help you stand out from the crowd.



Résumé and application submitted

You’ve successfully applied for a job with the State of Indiana- great! The next step in the process is for your application to be reviewed by an actual hiring professional, not a computer program. Fun fact: The State of Indiana receives more than 20,000 applications each year for our listed career vacancies! Please keep this in mind while waiting for your application to be reviewed. Successful candidates will be contacted in Step 2 for an interview.




A recruiter or hiring manager will contact you to schedule an interview. This is your opportunity to showcase your skills, tell us about your previous results, and show your desire to work for the State of Indiana. Candidates are encouraged to research the position for which they’re applying and come prepared with a list of questions for the interviewer.

In some cases a second interview may be necessary. Successful candidates will be contacted in Step 3 with a contingent employment offer.



Contingent Offer

The hiring manager for the position will provide an offer of employment contingent upon a successful completion of a background check. We will likely use the phone number provided on your application to contact you and initiate the background check. This begins Step 4, the verification process.



Verification Process

The State of Indiana will complete employment and education verifications while also verifying references (if necessary) and review final background check results. It may be difficult at times to obtain required information from your previous employers. If this is the case, we may ask you to provide previous W2s to verify employment. When the verification process is complete, the hiring manager will contact you with a verbal offer followed by a formal offer emailed from HR.



Formal Offer

The formal offer is the last step in our hiring process. This provides the candidate confirmation of the position title, agency name, start date, and salary. Additional information will be shared with candidates detailing next steps for onboarding and starting their new career with the State of Indiana.



You’re Hired!

Congratulations and welcome to the team! We look forward to working together to make Indiana the best state possible.